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Friday, October 21, 2016

Victim Impact Statement from Sean Salaber Rape Case

(File photo courtesy of the Orange County Sheriff's Department)

The inconsistencies in his story are unmistakable, and at times, laughable.
So when it has been confirmed that he has lied countless times, why are we now taking him at his word when he said he intended to rob me? ... ...

It was not my imagination, or an exaggeration, that caused me to fear rape. It was living through the nightmare of having a monster wait for me, chase me, tackle me from behind, grope me, hold a gun to my head, and try to cover my mouth while on top of me. Assault is not an accident. -- Setting him free before he steps foot in a prison misses the mark on justice substantially. Releasing someone like him with a slap on the wrist falsely communicates that he is the victor. Men like him are never the victors.
In fact, neither perpetrators nor victims have victory when the justice system fails to react justly. - But guess what? He underestimated me. He saw a lean 5’7 woman and he saw someone he could dominate. Think again. I outwitted him at his own game. I felt his gun pressed against my head, and without a weapon, I fearlessly fought back anyway. I out-screamed him when he tried to cover my mouth. I drew the attention of the witnesses by refusing to believe that this was my fate. And better yet, I refused to buy into the idea that he wins today or ever. He chose the wrong girl.

Not only did he choose a fighter, he chose an advocate.

I never knew how strong I was until strong was the only choice I had. Seven months to the day after my back surgery, I completed my first marathon. Less than a year after he assaulted me during my
jog, I chose to make running my victory, outlet, and testimony. I’ve taken away his power and now it’s in my hands, and my feet. I will continue to use my strength to fight against evil like him. And I will use my strength to empower other victims, prevent future attacks, and ensure that sociopaths like him serve the time they have earned while wearing the lifetime “Sex Offender” badge they deserve. I am asking you today to ensure that he wears that badge.